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The OTI is an AAW Chapter and maintains this public web site. We provide free access to the forum and gallery on this site for people interested in Ornamental Turning. Anyone can view the forum and gallery but if you want to enter or response to any threads, you must register first. Anyone interested in OT can register for free!


The OTI also maintains a private web site for Members Only. This website provides fully paid members with online access to the club's newsletters, member's list and other private, club information. You must join the club and maintain your membership standing in order to receive a username and password to enter this web site.


So, if you are passionate about OT and would like to join the club and access the members-only area of the web site, here are more details.



People that are passionate about ornamental turning to become involved!


It time to renew your membership in Ornamental Turners International for 2014


The dues will remain the same $35.00 as they have been in the past several years.

I would like to introduce a change that the board has made concerning your membership. Your membership will include up to three people in your family and that can include grandchildren. The decision as to who you name as family members is up to you. As a chapter organization of the American Association of Woodturners, this change brings OTI membership in line with the membership policies of the AAW. You will be the primary member and have full membership and voting rights as outlined in our bylaws. The principal advantage to the family membership is it will allow members of your family to be involved in all OTI activities; e.g., these family members are welcome to all lectures, presentations and demonstrations as well as full access to the gallery exhibits at the symposiums. The family members may be listed on the OTI membership list and will be listed in the published membership roster that will be printed upon the completion of the 2014 membership drive. Of course, the listing will be at your discretion.

Far beyond the dues from each and every member, we need your active involvement in the organization. We are actively seeking changes in the website and plan for it to become a very dynamic site with constantly changing pages that reflect the interest of the members. The only way this will be possible is for an active involvement from the membership at large. As a group, you have an extremely diverse skillset. Please make those skills available to your fellow turners. We would like the site to be an inducement to visitors to join OTI and become involved as members. We also want the members to feel the site is theirs to use to expand the wonders of OT work.

The organization had some very successful area workshops in 2013 and we would like to expand this concept to several workshops around the country in 2014. This is only possible with a commitment from local members coming together to sponsor and support the workshops.

Many people have been busy planning the 2014 OTI symposium to be held in Columbus, OH on Oct 3rd and 4th 2014 and with your involvement it can be the best that OTI has ever had. You will be receiving registration information on the symposium in the very near future so mark your calendar for an opportunity to meet fellow OT'ers and experience the world of ornamental turning with a new prospective.

You have three options to pay your dues. You will have the option to pay by credit card, your PayPal account, or by sending a check to me. Credit card is the preferred method as it is very secure and you may use any major credit card. You may be assured that the site is very secure and your card information is very well protected.

If you would like to use a credit card or a PayPal account, please click on the link below. The link will open the 2014 Application and survey form. After you complete the form, simply click on the "proceed to checkout" button to make your payment via PayPal. Again, you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service. Simply check out as a guest. You will receive a follow-up message confirming the successful completion of the form submission and payment once you complete the form and check out.

To pay by credit card go to: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=6DVtAhJQmyZypg8IKS7U3w

If you elect to send a check, please fill out the attached 2014 Application and survey form and submit it. Once you have submitted the form please make the check out to "Ornamental Turners International" and send it to: Ornamental Turners International
4711 Willow Circle
Edmond, OK 73013


2014 Application


You will receive confirmation messages of your submission of the form and also of receipt of your check.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at otitreasury@earthlink.net or call me at 405-420-4686 if I can be of assistance to you. I'm looking forward to 2014 being a great year for ornamental turning and with your involvement it will only be better. GET INVOLVED!

Charles Waggoner, Treasurer



Holtzapffel Rose Engine No.1636

Sold at Skinner Auctions


On December 1, 2012 Sikinner Auctioneers and Appraisers held an auction in their Science, Technology, and Clocks category. It featured many items of OT equipment such as the Holtzapffel Rose Engine no. 1636 featured our autumn 2012 newsletter, as well as OT publications.

You can see the catalog and sale results by going to the Skinner Website at http://www.skinnerinc.com/index.php. Choose the Science, Technology, & Clocks button on the left side of the page. From this page you can View Sale Results and view the auction catalog. For a full review of the ornamental turning equipment and turnings in this auction see the article in the next OTI Newsletter available to all members.


Photos courtesy of Skinner




Ivory and Blackwood Classical Lidded Cub with rosewood trim, mid-19th century sold for $2,400.

Daniel Brush Ornamentally Turned Steel
and Granulated Gold Box, New York, c.
1990 sold for $18,450.




Ornamental Turnings News and Upcoming Events

Ornamental Turning upcoming events

OTI Symposium, Columbus OH - September 2014